Fabletics Vip Membership Reviews

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Price Affordability
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
Fabletics VIP Membership. Just don't do it. Too bad for you: when you return your purchased items, Fabletics only refunds the amount THEY choose. I spent over 78.00 and got only 28.60 refunded to me. It is almost impossible to talk to anyone on the phone and this is the only way to cancel. When you do get a membership "team" person all they do is talk talk talk talk talk and you cannot get a word in edgewise! Your money is withdrawn from...
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I didn't like
  • Difficulty canceling
Charges $599 and still wants more money to make an order..... I am contacting fable tics as I want to redeem my membership money paid and to do this it seems they want even more money from me. I'm too scared to order from fable tics now as I've had to cancel my credit card to stop them taking money from my account and I do not want to give them the new number. They are holding $599 of my money which they sneakily took from my account and won't...
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Not the best gym gear I've ever bought but as it was discounted thought it would be ok to use for yoga at home. Little did I know it would cost me £44 the next month when they took this amount from my paypal account stating as I was a VIP member this was how the scheme worked. Unclear on website and when tried to get refund and cancel membership apparently I had to do this via telephone which was IMPOSSIBLE. Via email same response over and...
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I didn't like
  • Vip membership programme
  • Cannot cancel
  • Useless customer service
I originally became a VIP because I saw that the first outfit would be $15. Being a VIP means that I can get an outfit within 5 months and that I can skip 4 months of buying an outfit at most, as long as I buy an outfit by the 5th month. Then 3 months after I received my $15 outfit, I had 2 charges of $49.95 on my account. I called to ask why I was charged and they said it was because I did not click the "firing-red button" on the Fabletics...
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I liked
  • Customer service
I didn't like
  • No warning about clicking a button to skip the month
How about you decide a week before the 5th of the month that you do not want to be a member, and then they tell you no problem your membership is cancelled and they bill you anyway and you have to dispute it with your credit card company. The quality of the clothing is not worth the regular price, and at best is worth the VIP price. For the regular price, I can get Old Navy, Gap or Athleta which are all better. Lulu is pricey but has great sales...
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I liked
  • Styles
I didn't like
  • Vip membership hard to actually get off credit card bill
  • Quality poor
This company offers good quality work out clothes at a good price if you're on VIP membership. I joined before reading the negative reviews on here, but frankly, if you're a sensible person who reads/looks at things before they blindly put their card details in, there is nothing to fear from this company. It's made very obvious to you, and stated repeatedly on the website, that if you sign up to VIP membership, you will be charged each month...
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I liked
  • Good quality materials
  • Do what they promise
  • Member credits
I didn't like
  • Delivery time
  • Should be a week - not just 5 days - to skip the month
I bought 1 outfit from Fabletics and ticked a box to enable me to get special offer emails, the front page of the website said ' no obligation to buy' then I noticed £44 had been taken from my bank I phoned Fabletic to be told that this was because I hadn't ordered anything that month! I queried this and was told repeatedly you ticked the VIP box!! i paid the £44 for 3 months with-out noticing, what a scam! i didn't ask for a refund as the...
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I liked
  • Initial purchase
I didn't like
  • Misleading checkout
  • Bait
  • Misleading advertisements
I stupidly enrolled in the VIP membership of which you have to cancel/skip monthly or your credit card will be charge $49.95. Twice. on different occasion I skipped the month and been charged. Their wonderful customer service department not) is out-sourced to the Philippines...great American Company Kate! I wonder where the garments are made??? Anyway, very reluctant to refund my money and could not explain why this has happened to me twice....
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I liked
  • Outfits were nice
I didn't like
  • Vip ripoff scam
In Dec I noticed Fabletics was taking $50 U.S. from my Visa every month. I called & apparently it is the VIP status they enroll you in when you place an order. I cancelled the VIP status, their website said I cancelled, but now I had (my own money) credits. So I felt it was my fault not to notice what was happening when I placed the original order, so I left the credits in the acct. In Feb. when I finally found something I liked in my size, I...
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I didn't like
  • Agent would not let me off the phone
  • Hate the automatic billing monthly
  • Items sold out
As many others have said - they hook you in with the "get your first outfit for $25" however once you sign up and answer the quiz there is nothing available at that price point and you spend more. Then you have to remember each month to skip or you will be charged. But as I found out skipping does not always work as I was just charged even though I'm sure I skipped the month. I placed an order to use the credit - then I called and cancelled the...
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