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This is a "service" not a one time ordering option. If you select the VIP service you make the commitment.

I think what a lot of people on this site don't realize is that it's not a one time deal. This is similar to ShoeDazzle or any of those other clothing/shoe delivery service options. They're giving you options based on the types of exercise you participate in. I've been using them since June, have only purchased one outfit (my first to get the deal) and haven't made a purchase (or been charged) since because I follow the detailed instructions given at the time of inception that clearly state "IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO MAKE A PURCHASE PLEASE CLICK 'SKIP THIS MONTH' AND YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED." The quality of my products were good.

I don't wear them every day and am adamant about proper care for my workout clothes. Most people think you can just throw them (from any brand/manufacturer) into the washer/drier and treat them like cotton. Good workout clothes are not cotton and should not be treated as such. They need to be washed with care and probably hang dried versus using a drier.

A lot of these reviews are user error or people who are just angry/pissed off because they didn't bother to read the instructions.

You can't be mad and leave a bad review because you made a mistake. If you don't want to read the fine print but still check that box it's your own fault and no one else's.

Reason of review: Fast order processing.

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While it is true that the site clearly states that you must log in to skip the month, it only lists it at the very beginning and never informs you again before your credit card is charged. The site isn't acting in the best interest of the customers in that sense.

It's easy to remember bills like your rent or power bill, but active wear is not at the top of most people's list of concerns. It's not a matter of customers being to *** to log back in, it's that, for the most part, no one is thinking of Fabletics outside of actually needing something. It is a common courtesy to inform a customer that your credit card will be charged on a certain date via email. That happens all the time with many companies.

This is not a courtesy that is extended by this company, and customer service interaction clearly reveals that other common courtesies are not extended either. Courtesies such as being understanding of concerns, addressing the customer with positivity. Those are very basic customer service standards, is that really so much to ask? Implying that customers who have legitimate concerns about their payments are just complaining or are not competent enough to fix it themselves is extremely presumptuous.

Also, who told anyone what type of cleaning anyone else's athletic wear needs? Some of the stuff I got from Fabletics were great quality, a few things were pretty lame and flimsy. It doesn't make people *** because they wash something in a way that damages their clothing or they dry something and it gets messed up. Sometimes something gets stuck in the dryer because it's in the middle of a bunch of clothes...yea, stuff happens.

Not everyone is Type A, meticulously sorting clothes to find the shrunken gym shorts and then logging into athletic accounts on the regular to be sure their not being financially screwed. It's a company's responsibility to ensure that their customers have adequate access to the benefits they offer.

It is a company's responsibility that when they offer a service that should benefit the customer, that it appeals to the customer. I'm talking about the busy working woman with a million planners AND the every day college kid who scrolls the internet all day logging into Fabletics for giggles.

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