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I disconnected my VIP memeber but you charge me agian so I need my return


Urgent matter

Hello ... I’d like this email to be brought to a supervisors attention please.

My name is Laura Mendola and I am new to the Fabletics site. I saw an add for the Demi Lovato Collection and found several items that I liked and was interested in purchasing. One of the items was the Jordana leggings. The site directed me to call the Fabletics company stating the item was “Low Stock”.

I called Fabletics and I got the representative on the line and explained to her I wanted to make a purchase but when I clicked on the item, it said to call the company direct. I was put on hold and she came back on the line saying, we have the item you want in a medium and that there are only 5 left. I said okay I’d like to buy it but I have to go through you being the site won’t let me do it. This representative took my MasterCard information which is the card number, the three digit security code, and the expiration date with my full name, billing address and email.

She told me the transaction was finished and that I will be expecting a confirmation email. About two hours go by and I still did not get a confirmation email so I called Fabletics again and got a different representative on the line I kindly asked to speak with a supervisor. I explained to (Patrick) the entire transaction and was informed that representatives are not allowed to take personal information including credit cards. Now, I am in a complete panic that this representative took my personal information that is linked to almost everything that I own.

I was informed by Patrick that the lines are taped which I gave him the exact time I had spoken to the representative and how long we were on the phone making the transaction it was exactly 30 mins. Patrick said he would call me within the next 24 hours with the resolution, he never called me back. After not hearing from him for 2 days I called again and asked for another supervisor his name was Sean. I had to explain once again what was happening as he referred to notes that were notated on your end about this issue.

Sean was only able to tell me that the matter was escalated to another division “The back room” of the company. This doesn’t make me feel very good being it’s now 5 days and one of your employees now has my personal credit information and not one call back from a supervisor at least trying to rectify this very bad situation. Sean explained to me that he didn’t see my card being used at Fabletics but I had to actually explain to him that this women now has my personal Information and can sell it to anyone or use it elsewhere of her Choosing. Although I have Informed my bank of this issue, I have many things linked to this card and is not just easily cancelled and issued another card.

This has become a huge issue and as I was assured by both Patrick and Sean that your lines are recorded so I don’t know what this issue is getting this resolved. I’ve never dealt with a company like this and the lack of urgency to make this matter right. I am so upset that this employee knowingly took personal financial information from me when she clearly knew she was not supposed to. I’m wondering how many other costumers is this representative steeling card numbers.

This is theft and fraud regardless what she does with costumers personal information. Please I would like someone to respond to this matter for it is most urgent.

This is now the 7th email with no response the email I was given from the supervisor was ( and again zero response. Please someone advise Thank you Laura Mendola 917-885-1239 Sent from my iPhone


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